Shroomies Dark Chocolate Cups


Shroomies Dark Chocolate Cups



As the Canadian cannabis scene progresses, attitudes are changing towards psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms, with many citizens welcoming the idea of potential legalization of mushrooms for medicinal and recreational purposes. Shroomies is a down-to-earth local collective that aims to help you find the beauty within psychedelic mushrooms. They provide Canadians with an abundance of psilocybin-infused treats and goodies that are delicious, discrete and potent. Their wide array of edibles contains options that are great for those looking to try mushrooms for the first time – ease into the magic world of psychedelics with moderately dosed edibles that are ideal for first time users and micro-dosing. Shroomies Dark chocolate Cups are made with natural cacao, no artificial sweeteners and a lot of dedication. Shroomies uses the Psilocybe Cubensis strain of mushrooms, which are specifically chosen for their all-around, adaptable and easy-going high, providing users with a well-balanced, full experience. Containing 1000mg of psilocybin content, Shroomies Dark Chocolate cups are ideal for micro-dosing and for those who don’t want an overwhelming experience with magic mushrooms.

DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS Each pack contains 2 pieces (500mg/piece) for a total 1000mg of psilocybin content. Begin with 1 piece for a true micro-dose. Experienced users can enjoy the whole pack for a light buzz.


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