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Would you like to buy THC oil, or make it yourself? Read everything about THC oil in this article and where you can get it. THC oil is also called marijuana oil, cannabis oil, hemp oil or Rick Simpson oil (RSO).

Can I order THC oil online?- buy thc oil in uk
Shortly: no, that’s not possible. We would like to emphazie that buying THC oil on the internet is not legal.

Because of the psychoactive effect, THC oil falls under the Opium Act. This in contrast to CBD oil. CBD oil is legally available and does not contain THC. In our webshop Dutch Headshop we do not sell THC oil or products that have traces of THC.

Because there is a high demand for THC oil, we do like to inform you about what THC oil is and where it is legally available.

What is THC oil? -buy top grade thc oil
THC oil is oil with a high THC level. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is obtained by heating up THCa (tetrahydrocannbinolic acid). This THCa is naturally present in the Cannabis Sativa plant. In popular talk this plant is also called Cannabis or Marijuana.

THC is one of the most wholesome cannabinoids, these are active substances in the cannabis plant. By heating up THCa this substance is obtained.

THC oil is used in most cases for medical purposes. At high doses, THC oil has a strong psychoactive effect and also a recreational use.

Working and usage THC oil-marijuana oil for sale
For many years research has been done on the wholesome effects of cannabis and THC in particular. Still, it’s often an illegal product.

However, more and more countries loosen their laws to allow the use of medical marijuana on prescription.

Medical marijuana, also called medical cannabis, is often prescribed to terminal cancer patients, children with epileptic attacks and people with chronic pains.

Where can I obtain THC oil?
THC oil can only be obtained by prescription at the Transvaal Apotheek (Pharmacy) in The Hague. Since May 2015 they prepare their magnificent cannabis oil based on their medicinal cannabis plants. At the Transvaal pharmacy, you can order brands like Bediol, Bedica, Bedrocan and Bedrolite. They all have their specific composition and effect.

These THC oils are of pharmaceutical quality and comply with the highest norms. This marijuana oil is only meant to be used as medicine and is therefore only provided under prescription.

Rick Simpson: inventor of making THC oil yourself

Got no prescription? It is also possible to make THC oil yourself.,

The best known advocate of THC oil is the Canadian activist Rick Simpson. He got a severe form of skin cancer. His doctors did not have faith anymore after a number of operations, therefore he decided to do research himself. He dived into the wholesome effects of cannabis to cancer.

Rick Simpson oil (RSO)
Simpson developed an oil-like substance, rich in THC from marijuana, and he started to treat his affected skin with this oil. With the help of this medical marijuana oil, often called Rick Simpson oil (RSO), he indicated he got cured of his skin cancer.

Simpson shares his recipe for making of marijuana oil on his website Note: you cannot buy marijuana oil on this web site, but only find information about how to make the powerful marijuana oil yourself.

THC oil from Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana (Stichting Mediwiet) 
Wernard Bruining, chair of Non-profit orgnization Medical Marijuana, developed a more accessible form of THC oil by diluting the Rick Simpson oil with olive oil.

This way the marijuana oil is easier to drip and better to dose. Also, the psychoactive effect is less strong. This THC oil is therefore more pleasant to use for many people.

Wernard Bruining also wrote a book about the wholesome effect of cannabis: Healing Hemp.

Simple method to make THC oil yourself
As indicated, buying THC oil is not allowed, but making THC oil is. For this purpose, non-profit organization Medical Marijuana developed the Cannolator Cannabis Extractor. This is a handy device to produce pure marijuana oil yourself.

You can determine the strength and composition yourself, based on ingredients selected by yourself. By getting your own marijuana in the coffee shop, or by cultivating it yourself, you know exactly what’s in your marijuana oil.

After making the THC oil, which takes about 2 hours, you can dilute the oil to any desired strength. You can use olive oil or hemp seed oil (preferably with CBD) for this.

Difference CBD oil and THC oil
CBD oil and THC oil are closely related, but still very different when it comes to its effects.

CBD oil is rich in the cannabinoid cannabidiol. Industrial fiber hemp contains relatively a lot of CBD and almost no THC. Most of the CBD products are therefore made of fiber hemp. In marijuana, of which most THC oil is made, the composition is actually the other way around.

Effect CBD oil
CBD has no psychoactive effect like THC, but it does influence different body processes.

Research shows that CBD has anti-inflammatory, nerve protecting and muscle relaxing effects. CBD oil is therefore often used because of its medical effects.

CBD is known to suppress or eliminate the psychoactive effects of THC but actually amplifies the medicinal qualities of THC. In certain cases, CBD oil is therefore used together with THC oil.

Buying CBD oil
Buying CBD oil is completely legal. CBD oil is available in different labels and strengths. The CBD products available at Dutch Headshop are all coming from premium producers. They are 100% vegetable and do not contain chemical additives. Check our CBD product assortment and other CBD products here.

Dutch Headshop doesn’t want to encourage violation of the law. Making and using marijuana oil/ THC oil / cannabis oil is entirely at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage that occurs before, during or after the production of the marijuana oil. We want to also want to point out that trade in these oils is prohibited.


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